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    In a specific explosive-explosion-metal system for welding, the chemical energy of explosive is passed, absorbed,transformed and distributed with various forms for many times and them forms a film of welding transition zone with the characters of plastic deformation,fusion,diffusion and waveform on the metal interface to be bonded so to produce a new processing and technology of metal welding with strong bond. Anyway, the explosion welding is a new processing and technology of the metal welding which adopt the”Trinity” of the pressure welding, fusion welding and diffusion welding with explosive as energy. By this technology, various of greatly different intension,different expansion coefficient and antipathic property will be combined together.

    Advantages of Explosion WeldingMetal Clad Materials:
    Save rare metal and reduce plant cost

     Reasonably combine and match the property of base materials and compound materials

     Flexibly determine the thickness ratio of two kinds of materials as per demand

    Reduce the structural design thickness or promote allowable stress of structure

Explosion Welding

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